Electricity is the key ingredient for accelerated economic growth and is considered vital for nation’s development. Electricity has many uses in our day to day life. It has also become a part of modern life and one cannot think of a world without it.

Providing reliable and quality power supply in an efficient manner is an immediate requirement of the day.

Transmission & Distribution:

Amongst the three major layers of Power Sector i.e. Generation, Transmission and Distribution, the Distribution Sector has direct interface with the end consumers and is largely accountable for consumer satisfaction and also for flow of revenues in the entire value chain of Power Sector. Thus, Distribution Sector plays a significant role in sustenance as well as growth of the Power Sector.

Transmission and distribution refers to the different stages of carrying electricity over poles and wires from generators to a home or a business. The primary distinction between the two is the voltage level at which electricity moves in each stage. 

After electricity has been generated, a system of electrical wires carries the electricity from the source of generation to our homes and businesses. These lines can be found overhead or sometimes in the ground, and, combined, transmission and distribution lines make up what is commonly called “the grid.” Transmission and distribution are two separate stages or systems on the grid.


Northern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Ltd (TSNPDCL) , Nirmal  is to carry out electricity distribution to all the  people  spread across hamlets, villages and towns of Nirmal District.

Vision and Mission


“NPDCL shall become one of the best Power Distribution Utilities in the Country, with high customer focus, financial strength and operational efficiency”.


“Provide safe, reliable, uninterrupted and quality power to all its customers at a competitive cost and a reasonable return to all its stakeholders duly following sound commercial practices and business ethics”.


In pursuance of the above vision and mission ,the corporate objectives of  TSNPDCL are:

  • To modernize and strengthen the distribution network so as to provide reliable ,uninterrupted and quality power.
  • To develop a customer savvy Organization which quickly responds to the needs of customers and redresses their grievances in the shortest possible time.
  • To achieve financial viability and strength through prudent financial management practices.
  • To achieve high operational efficiency and safety.
  • To promote a performance driven culture in the Organization.
  • To create a culture of accountability and commitment among the employees to achieve excellence.
  • To enhance the skills of employees and buildup team spirit through tailor made continuous training programmes.
  • To expand the distribution system and business optimally and diversify into other related areas for business growth.
  • To adopt the best project evaluation and management techniques to get optimal returns on investments.
  • Assembly To be socially responsible and environment friendly power business Organization with the best corporate governance practices.