Co-operation Department in Nirmal District

The office of the District Co-operative Officer, Nirmal was established on 11.10.2016 with jurisdiction of entire Nirmal District of Telangana State.

Role and Functions of the Department:

  • Monitoring of Co-operative Societies.
  • Registration of Co-operative Societies under T.S. Co-op. Societies, 1964 and T.S. Mutually Aided Co-operative Societies Act, 1995.
  • Conduct of Audit of Co-operative Societies.
  • Conduct of Elections of Co-operative Societies.

Apart from theses, the Co-operation Department is monitoring the Co-operative Societies registered under T.S. Co-op. Societies, 1964 and T.S. MACS Act, 1995. The Co-operation Department is tries to bring the Co-operative Movement to the door steps of poor and under privileged people of the Nirmal District through Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies (PACSs) by providing Agriculture Short Term & Long Term Loans, Gold Loans, Personal Loans with meager interest charges and fertilizers, seeds, pesticides are distributing to the farmer community and also procuring paddy, maize, green gram, rd gram etc. under Minimum Support Price to farmers.

Office Structure:

The District Co-operative Officer is the head of the District Co-operative Office. The following staff are working in this office and on field.