Department of Legal Metrology:


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 The nomenclature of “the Department of Weights and Measures” is changed as “the Department of Legal Metrology”, as notified by the Government on issuing the Notification. As the name suggests, the Department of Legal Metrology, relates to the units of weights and measures, methods of measurements and measuring instruments and the regulatory safeguards to the public.

                        The Department of Legal Metrology is one of the important organs of Consumer’s Protection. It has an important role to play in providing the Citizen with friendly administration of services. It is concerned with technical and statutory requirements to safeguard the Public Interest from the point of view of security and accuracy of weights, measures etc.,

            The first and foremost duty of the Department of Legal Metrology is to build confidence in the consumers and to make the uniformity of the standards, in accordance with the International System of Units (SI). The noble and bounden duty of the Department of legal Metrology is to project and to protect the interest of the people by providing actual assistance and services of Legal Metrology and to ensure the correctness in all sorts of measurements particularly related to the commercial transactions.

            The Department of Legal Metrology is engaged in regulating use of correct weighing and measuring instruments in production, trade and commerce to ensure that exact weight, measure and number of any commodity is provided to any customer as contracted for, or paid for by him. It also safeguards consumer’s interest by ensuring mandatory declarations on packaged commodities.

             The Department carries out regular/surprise inspections in markets, fair price shops, kerosene oil depots, petrol pumps, gas agencies and other public outlets to check whether measuring and weighing units bear valid verification stamp and deliver correct weight, measure or volume of commodities to consumers. Inspections are also conducted on receipt of complaint from any source either in writing or telephonically. Action for short measurement, use of defective and non-standard weights and measures is taken as provided for in relevant laws and rules.

    Put simply, this department has to check that all the packaged commodities like rice, edible oils, pulses, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, breads, soaps, tooth pastes, cosmetic items, masala powders and the items sold in volume like packaged milk, water, oils, paints, and whether they are supplied to the consumer in the correct weight or volume. For this purpose, the department makes regular inspections and those who violate the laws are prosecuted. The Controller who is assisted by the Regional Deputy Controllers, Assistant Controllers, District Inspectors and Inspectors of the Department of Legal Metrology is vested with the powers in enforcing the provisions of the different Acts and Rules. The department has a cadre strength of 39 Inspectors, 20 District Inspectors, 7 Assistant Controllers and 3 Deputy Controllers spread all over the State.

Citizen’s Charter

  1. The Aim of this charter is to work for better quality in public service

 To deliver the services of the department swiftly to the utmost satisfaction of all stake holders of the Legal Metrology by minimizing the gap between the service provider and the service user by: 

Maintenance of accuracy in all Weights

  • & Measures used in trade, Commerce & Industry. Protection of Consumers against            cheating in Weights and Measures in
  • transaction. To ensure correct quantities in Weights, Measures and Packaged
  • Commodities. To ensure correct Weighment of farm produce in sale and transaction.

Mission of the Department

To protect the interests of all stake holders especially, consumers, under the provisions of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Rules made there under and deliver the services of the department to the utmost satisfaction of all the stake holders of the Legal Metrology by ensuring metrological accuracies in the weights and measures to the traceability with National Physical Laboratory(NPL).

  • Vision of the Department

 To implement the various provisions of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Rules made there under to the best advantage of consumers.

  • General Information to Citizen

Ensuring Metrological Accuracy of Weights & Measures (W&M) used in any transactions for protection is the primary duty of the department. To accomplish this aim, the Department is enforcing various provisions of Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and Rules made there under. The department is committed for consumer protection.

The department is committed to ensure:

  • Consumer gets his/her money’s worth
  • No less, No more but Just exact
  • Only verified and stamped weights and measures are used by the traders in all transactions.
  • Only verified and stamped Auto/Taxi Fare Meters are used.
  • Only calibrated Tank Lorries/Flow Meters are used in Transactions of petroleum products.
  • Only properly verified and stamped dispensing units are used in petrol pumps.
  • Net contents in packaged commodities should be as declared on each package.
  • Trader should not sell at excess price than declared on the prepackaged commodities
  • Trader should not indulge in short weighing/measuring of any item.
  • All pre-packaged commodities should have mandatory declarations as prescribed under the Act and Rules as follows.
  • Complete name and address of manufacturer/ importer
  • Common and generic name of the commodity.
  • Net quantity of the commodity
  • Month and year of manufacturing/packing/import.
  • Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of all taxes).
  • Customer care/help line number/e-mail address
  • Licenses for Manufacturer/Repairer/Dealer of weighing & measuring instruments are issued/renewed within the time limit prescribed by the Department.
  • Issuing of Skilled Worker Certificates to persons who possess requisite qualifications and intended to repair weights and measures
  • Registration of packers of packaged commodities
  • For all verified and stamped weights and measures Verification Certificate is issued 
  • Verification Certificate should be displayed/exhibited at a conspicuous place of the business premises
  • For the consumers, all the retailers who are under VAT or TOT and dealing in packaged commodities require to maintain an electronic weighing machine of at least accuracy class III with the smallest division of at least one gram with printer facility, to check the net content of packaged commodities either in weight or volume or combination thereof.

We deliver the following services:-

  1. Verification/re-verification and stamping of Weights and Measures
  2. Issue of registration of Manufacturers/ Packers of pre-packed commodities.
  3. Issue of Skilled Worker Certificates
  4. Issue of fresh licenses for dealers, repairers and manufacturers
  5. Alteration / changes to be made in the licenses of dealers, repairers and manufacturers of Weights and Measures
  6. Issue of duplicate license to dealers, repairers, and manufacturers of Weights and Measures
  7. Action on complaint for violation of provisions of Weights and Measures Laws
  8. Registration of shorter address of manufacturer or packer of commodity in packed form